The best customer service I have experienced

So the other day I was at home and decided I should run to get the mail at my P.O. box. I was determined to see what had come as far as rent checks and other parcels I have ordered from Amazon. So I took off and went on my way and took care of business. When I got back into my driveway, I realized that the garage door wouldn’t open. So I’m like WTF what it is up with my garage door. Click, nothing… Click, damn, why is this thing acting up? Well, you have to understand that I have never dealt with this type of issue and i am sure it won’t be the last. But, right now? Really? Of all days when it’s bedlam and I just want to watch my game. So anywho. I googled and found Garage Door Repair Edmond. Seemed legit, called them up and Hey this lady answering the phone seems like a great person to help me out. Sure enough, she called the technician and was like, he will be there in a jiffy. They sent out their technician and he greeted with a big smile and said don’t worry I am here to get you back into your garage. Wahooo! finally, a company that cares! So he took a couple minutes and we’re back in and he was on his way. They even tightened up a couple of things that I have neglected. But, the moral of the story was, that they are a great company to call out when you have a problem with your garage door. Exceptional service and customer care. Highly recommend them to anyone.

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