Severe weather woes and what it can do to your landscaping.

We all know how dangerous a severe storm can be. Damaging Hail, Wind, Flooding, and Tornados. They are not only damaging to homes and business’, But, Plants and trees as well. There seems to be a lot of tree damage done in the US every year that has clean up crews on the move constantly. We have seen 80-year-old trees uprooted during a high wind storm. The bad part is that when you need to have a large tree like that removed it can require quite the manpower that will be more than likely quite an expensive event. With the climate seeming to be forever changing in the world. We don’t anticipate that it will change anytime soon. The last storms we had here were so bad that high power winds ripped the roofs from homes and buildings and created a large amount of flood damage for the home and business owners alike. Storms have been strong enough to topple over tractor trailers and even billboard signs. The fact that most things are pretty safe in high winds, but, when you start seeing winds reach 80-90 mile per hour, there will be a serious amount of damage to whatever is in the path of the winds. Trees and plants don’t fair very well in the presence of 70-80 mile per hour winds. The trees and flowers just aren’t strong enough to withstand that amount of force. Planting hardy trees and plants in very windy areas is a good idea and a must if the winds reach the higher ends of the scale a lot of the time. Oklahoma, however, has seen a fair amount of windstorms and severe weather during the spring months.  We talked to our friends over at landscaping OKC and got the rundown on what to plant and why. Gerry the owner stated that you should always try to plant larger trees that will withstand the high winds and plants that aren’t meant to be in your home. Delicate flowers and succulents will perish in the high winds in our state. Don’t worry about storms though that damage your plants and landscaping. We can replace all that for you. You just have to worry about safety first when it comes to serious weather and stay alert. Thank you, guys. We hope this article is of some value to you and until next time. Keep it classy OKC.

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