What the Frack is wrong with you???

We all have seen what a crack in a wall looks like right? Well, have you ever thought about how it got there? We have seen a great deal of news about home damage repair in Oklahoma and there’s a lot to say about the home damage that is occurring due to Fracking in the state. Oil and gas companies are saying that it’s not them causing the damage. No way! Not the guys injecting material into the ground to fracture it and open it up to retrieve the gasses below the crust. No way it’s them. Come on now. We all know that it’s not just coincidence. There’s a lot to say about the problems that fracking is creating for our friends in the sooner state. We saw a tweet from the owner at Hail Restore and he posted a picture that was his building in OKC that has been damage from what he suspects is a “frackquake.” James, says that the only way he’s not buying it is when the gas companies can prove that their gas sites aren’t doing the damage. “There’s way too many scientific data to back up the conclusions that fracking is creating quite the foundation problems for Oklahoma’s residence. He has seen the damage at his company OKC Garage Door Repair. There is a big upset coming to the natural gas sector by the way of state law that will prohibit the use of fracturing the earth to harvest the gasses below. The companies caught will be forced to pay substantial fines if caught performing this method. They will be forced to create a new technique to gather the natural resource from there on out. We will see how long this takes to be enforced. Time will tell. Until then I guess we will just keep letting them wreck our homes and business.

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