The things people misunderstand about the president.

We have to remember one thing. It’s not easy being The Donald. He’s a king in his own right. He has conquered the real-estate game like a boss. He’s married to a freaking supermodel and loves to stir the shit. He’s a great father and a true American that understands that this country has got to change or we will definitely have more problems than we already do. President Trump has been hard at it the last few weeks in the oval office. And, we feel has already fixed, and in the process of fixing even more as we speak. He has a sense of Common sense about him that has been missing in our countries headquarters for a long time. There is a new day coming and we feel “Mr. Trump” will be a president for the people and for business’ so that we can rebuild our great country and move forward.  We stand with you, Mr. Trump. We are proud to call you our President.


P.S. F#$% you Isis!! We’re coming for you.


Kindly, TAI

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