Okc Thunder Rivals acting like chumps.

Man what a game that was. We got our asses whooped by Golden state. But, Hey. Can’t win them all. But, that’s beside the point. Did anyone else see how big a Punk Bitch Durant was acting?? I mean, Damn! This kid thinks he’s just going to roll on up in his old hometown, that gave him more support than any other set of fans, ever and not get booed for being a trader. And act like a little Punk. What a shame. He’s supposed to be acting like a true champion and role model┬áto children and teens, not a douche. We can’t tell you how embarrassed we feel for this guy. He’s clearly forgotten his old buddy Russ and the city that made him a star. These guys have a rude awaking for the most┬ápart when they end their careers. Most can’t even get past a couple years out of the NBA and bust out because they think they are somebody. Not thrashing pro players. But, They get a bad wrap due to childish behavior We witnessed in the Thunder vs. Warriors game last week. Time to grow up Punk. These guys don’t get that this youth watching think it’s the way to be as sports players. What happened to sportsmanship and Playing with integrity. We want to see more of that and less trash talking and bullying. It’s not a good look for guys with that kind of Pay plan, “Ya her?”



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